Private blog and your place of business

Congratulations, you've recently started a business blog with TypePad from Six Apart, and your blogging experience has been a smashing success! Your business is booming, what with the influx of sales leads and professional connections. You breathe a sigh of relief, observing your team of business experts clicking away on their parallel customer-oriented blogs, imparting their wisdom on your adoring public. You can relax a little. There is even enough time in the day to catch up on your personal blogging.

No problem, set up your private blog with TypePad, and you can be having personal conversations with friends and family, while making new friends, and who knows - maybe a potential client or two?

TypePad's easy, versatile technology tools can be as easily adapted for personal communication.Your domain can house the new private blog along with your other blogs and Web sites, and TypePad can automatically support your feeds, podcasts, and videocasts.

Isn't TypePad meant for business, not private blogs?

Sure, we provide your business with:

  • advanced administrative tools,
  • custom invoicing,
  • and priority tech support.

TypePad makes it easy to control and customize the flow and content of exchanges, and even set an appropriate tone to your blog. You can:

  • get feedback notification,
  • block unwelcome keywords,
  • hold items for approval prior to publishing them on your blog,
  • and require participants to sign in using Six Apart's authentication service.

Private blogging is also easy with TypePad

You can enjoy the same priority tech support and amount of control for your private blogs, as you do for business. Use our wide variety of templates designed with a myriad of purposes in mind. Using your private blog to converse with your sweetheart and close friends? Choose a softer, more intimate background and customize it with personal touches: favorite colors, family pictures, examples of your hobbies, and funny stories. Choose to make some conversations private, and unblock certain keywords inappropriate for business but simply necessary for good times!

A word of advice regarding your private blogs

Whether the blog maintains personal connections, or belongs to an industry expert with a business blog parallel to company's site, avoid entrenching private blogs in the corporate infrastructure. You may eventually want to relocate your private blogs, or leave the present place of employment, and your blogs ought to follow you with ease.

Other products brought to you by Six Apart

We are dedicated to helping people understand and maximize the potential of the latest technologies. We make specialized blogging tools for a wide range of customers, from opinionated individuals to bustling businesses.

In addition to popular, multitalented TypePad - the choice of professional bloggers - we offer:

  • MovableType, a sophisticated publishing platform for technology-savvy business bloggers;
  • LiveJournal that can accommodate a diverse community of independent bloggers;
  • and Vox, a freeware that takes personal blogging to the next level.

Contact us with questions about TypePad and start a personal blog

If you don't see answers to your TypePad questions on our site, or have comments about blogging, please email us for prompt assistance 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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